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It is our mission to make PRODUCTS THAT ARE MORE sustainable, A MORE POPULAR choice.

We are made in Australia

We like Australia. We live here. We are happy that our product doesn’t have to travel too far to find our customers, that cuts down our carbon footprint.

We use organic and plant based cleaning ingredients

It’s important to us personally that we know that our ingredients are as pure as they can be - they go on our clothes and clothes on our skin. Our product is made from 100% biodegradable ingredients, and is safe for grey water.

We are cruelty free

We don’t test on animals, we test on ourselves. Animals are much cuter than us so this seems only fair.

We’ve minimised plastic waste

We estimate we’ve cut up to 90% of required plastic on a weight per wash basis, compared to your average supermarket brands. If you’re committed to zero waste, we allow you to send your used packaging back to us to be refilled because we support the cause!

We give back to the ocean

We give 50% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup, an amazing organisation working to pull plastic out of our ocean.

We're keeping your hip pocket full

We don’t charge a premium for our product, in fact, according to the choice cost per wash analysis, we are $0.03 cheaper than your average liquid laundry detergent per wash. We don’t believe making sustainable choices should be a luxury.

We’re making your life easier

We deliver Australia-wide, and we’re available on subscription. Which means once you sign up with us, you’ll literally never have to go to the supermarket on behalf of your clothes again. All subscription orders are shipped on us. So are all orders from regional and metro areas, and all orders over $25. If you're ordering a once-off product, under $25 and live in certain remote areas, then we charge $8 to help us cover the postage premium.

In 2016, we had an epiphany. The household cleaning products that we were filling our homes seemed to sit at either end of a spectrum. On one end, they were full of harsh, irritating, excess chemicals, contained in excess packaging. At the other, they were built with the environment in mind, but as a result required us to sacrifice either in price, performance.

We wondered why there was not an environmentally friendly option, free from synthesised chemicals and excess packaging, that was affordable and performed extremely well. Turns out, it was possible (albeit difficult) to create this product, but for various reasons ranging from pre-existing misconceptions, through to profit margins ­— it wasn’t on the market.

So Frankie, Josh, Tom and Bill started creating formulas, exploring packaging options, building websites, washing clothes, doing business plans, designing and washing more clothes, until they were finally satisfied. The result, Dirt Laundry Detergent; an extremely high performing laundry concentrate, that’s great on your clothes, skin, planet and hip-pocket.