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This one is a message for our Refill Returners. 

It's half our job, working out how to maximise freight efficiency. 

One of the greatest challenges is we sell a product that the old system wasn't designed for. A small, and compact parcel. We pay somewhere between $6 - $16 to deliver parcels, just depending on where they're going. If we were to cover the cost of returning your refills, we would have to pay that on each parcel to come pack. It would make our business, a lemon. 

We have a work around for our customers though! We designed our refill packs to fit into the letter size price bracket. 

Letter size is cheap people! $2. 

The way you make something a letter, is by ensuring it doesn't exceed a height maximum of 2cm, and it's in an envelope smaller than A4 size.

You can easily do this if your refills are empty, and the corners (1.4cm), are not stacked. 

You'll also want to keep the weight under 125g, which is the approximate weight of 8 empty, lid-on, refill packs. If you exceed it, but it's still under 250g, your price will jump to $3. 

PLEASE, make sure you tell your friendly folk at the post office that you want to send it as a letter. 

We see SO MANY "parcels" full of very light, barely over 2cm refills come into our office. We worry when we see that you've paid $11. Or $8.30.

Someone at your end has been cheeky, or opportunistic, or just forgetful. But you've paid $7 more than you thought you'd have to, and that terrifies us as it means you're unlikely to do it again. 

So, save your pennies, and our planet, and tell your post office you are sending your goods as a letter. 

Thanks smarty clean pants.