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Thanks to our refill system design, we're able to prevent 410kg of plastic being manufactured EACH WEEK. That's the equivalent of the weight of a tiger shark. 

Our recipe is simple. By using refill packs, we reduce the plastic packaging (on a weight basis), by between 4 - 4.75g per load, compared to the old supermarket single-use plastic bottle model. 

Our goal, is to get that figure up and well over 1000kg by the end of the year. That's heading toward the weight of a great white shark in solid plastic every.single.week. 

We've written this goal down in a very groovy OKR format that we learnt from google, so we're pretty sure it'll happen now 💁. 

It's not the only thing we are working on though. 

  • We want to make our refill program, a more seamless part of our concept. You can expect some changes to the way this program functions in a matter of weeks. 
  • You already know we're working on new products. We want to bring them to you, yesterday. But they're still three months away. Hold tight!  
  • We're making some improvements to the materials we choose, to ensure you both LOVE our packaging, and are making a minimal impact choice when you purchase Dirt. 

These are the things we feel will have the most impact toward our mission; making products that do less harm, a better choice for everyone.

Of course, we're always interested in other ideas you have to help us increase our overall impact - so please do email us; if you feel there's something important that we have missed in our 2020 targets. 

If not, thanks as always for being part of our so far, wild but very exciting ride.