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We are big, giant, enormous fans of the Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) movement. 

They create less waste, they are cheaper on a per use basis, and they work a lot better than the old design. Almost sounds like we're talking about ourselves. 🙊

But, they do need a little more T.L.C than the rest of your washing, because they're a little more stinky, and a little more soiled. 

Clean Cloth Nappies have created an excellent guide on washing your cloth nappies, which we really recommend using as a resource if you're just getting started.  

They also tested Dirt Laundry Detergent, and it passed all their admin tests, as an eco-alternative to cleaning modern cloth nappies. YYYEEAAAHHHHH. 

Their recommendation, is to clean off any solids, then start with a pre-wash of half the required dosage and if you want, include a booster.

They also recommended upping the main cycle dosage by about 1 pump (using the same dosage as you would for a large load). 

That's it! 

We thought you might be interested in learning why eco-detergents like ours, require the help of a booster to clean something extremely tough like cloth nappies. 

It all comes down to scent. 

Natural detergents contain natural scents, which do not 'bond' or mask bad odours, they simply add a nice odour to the mix.

That means, the smell will be much more subtle when you bring the nappies out of the machine. Clean Cloth Nappies describe it as "a mild fragrance which disappears when dry".  It's quite different to a supermarket detergent that uses synthetic scents, which do 'bond' with bad odours. 

The reason boosters help, is because they contain a bleaching agent, which breakdown (or rather blast out) a broad range of bacteria at high intensity. Some of this bacteria is responsible for carrying the bad smells. 

Personally, we prefer the method of using a booster and a natural detergent, because then you're able to smell the actual fabric, rather than the synthetic scent. 

But, your performance perception will be driven by your past experiences and personal preferences, so we'll leave it up to you to decide which works best for you!