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An update from Frankie, founder of The Dirt Company. ⁠

"I’ve never been less sure about everything than I am right now. I know that so many of us are feeling the weight of this situation in so many different ways. The anxiety, the overwhelm, the stress. It’s hard when we feel so out of control about what’s going on, and uncertain of what lays ahead. For now, I'm trying to channel this anxiety back into a focus on what matters to us going forward. ⁠

We’re an Australian manufacturer, selling an Australian made household product that people need right now, and we’re employing Australian people to do it. We're committed to doing this, *albeit not the same way we used to*, for as long it is deemed essential and safe. ⁠

We want to keep doing this in service of our mission, to create better products and cause less harm in the process. While right now there are so many very important ways plastic is helping us stay safe and well, keeping our eye on our mission to reduce waste helps us remember that there will be a world on the other side of this, a world that we want to play a part in taking care of. ⁠

We know there are so many of you out there that are keen to see us keep going through this time too, we hear it and we feel it with your support in our business. We want to thank you so sincerely for this. ⁠

If nothing else, we hope this time gives you all the chance to stop and take a breath, find the things that matter to you and some space to focus on them too. ⁠

This virus has given us all a knock, but fingers crossed it won't break us. Hang in there everyone." ⁠

How we're working

Our team is currently divided into three; those working from home (most of us), and two teams of two that work on getting your orders out. They work day on, day off, to ensure they never see each other. They keep their physical distance at work, but look out for each other now more than ever.